Metroid Prime Remastered, you say? Geez, that shadow-dropped, like, 20 hours ago, gramps.

Look, we've been busy, okay? Amongst documenting all the exciting news from the first Nintendo Direct of 2023, we Europeans had to squeeze in a few hours of shut-eye between then and now, too, so please forgive us for repeating a sentiment you've likely seen a lot on the internet already today — or one you've expressed yourself after experiencing the game firsthand — but Metroid Prime Remastered looks utterly lovely, doesn't it!?

Rest assured, we're beavering away on our review of the-game-you've-already-bought. Until then, we thought we'd share with you the lovely Alex's comparison video which compares, as you'd imagine, the original GameCube title from *checks notes* 2002 ('gramps', indeed) with the freshly-launched, long-rumoured Switch remaster.

Don't like videos? Hmm, weird that you'd click on an article with the headline above, but each to their own. Have a few attractive yet static screenshots for your troubles:

The original game was a looker already, of course, but we're so pleased to see that laurels weren't rested upon when it came to updating OG Prime for the modern era. It's not quite perfect, but the team at Retro Studios has done a very fine job sprucing this one up.

Let us know below your thoughts on the visuals, and look out for our official verdict soon.