Metroid Prime Remastered
Image: Nintendo

After months — heck, possibly years — of rumours, Metroid Prime Remastered is finally out on the Nintendo Switch as a digital download, with a physical edition available later this month on February 22nd.

While many folks seem overjoyed at the remastered visuals in the game, one original Retro Studios' developer has expressed his dissatisfaction at how the new release has handled the game's doors.

Zoid Kirsch, who worked on Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes as a Senior Gameplay Engineer, spent considerable time creating the environmental doors, and has stated that the remastered version has the wrong alpha level applied, making their appearance drastically different to the original. Check out the tweet below (we've removed the colourful language — click the image credit to see the original tweet):

Ziod Metroid Prime Remastered Tweet
Image: @ZoidCTF

We can certainly understand why someone who worked for so long on the original game would want to call out certain changes made to the remaster. Nevertheless, Kirsch went on to state in a separate tweet that he thinks the remaster is "amazingly well done" and says you should all play it:

"Following up--the re-master is amazingly well done. The improvements to Samus and the boss models are awesome. I just noticed this particular change that stood out from the original. It's still a wonderful re-master and should be played and enjoyed."

We'll have our own thoughts on Metroid Prime Remastered in due course for our full review. In the meantime, be sure to check out our full round up of everything announced in the latest Nintendo Direct showcase:

What do you make of the doors in Metroid Prime Remastered? Reckon they look better, or worse? Let us know with a comment!