Dragon Quest Treasures
Image: Square Enix

Update [Fri 13th Jan, 2023 15:30 GMT]: A few weeks after the Japanese demo dropped on the eShop, you can now download the Dragon Quest Treasures demo from the North American and European eShop!

We thought this would happen eventually, and Square Enix confirmed earlier today (via the official Dragon Quest Twitter) that the demo is ready to download. And just like the Japanese demo, you can carry your save data over.

Get treasure hunting, Dragon Quest fans!

Original article [Fri 23rd Dec, 2022 02:05 GMT]: Square Enix is known for releasing some pretty generous game demos and this time it's back with one for its latest Dragon Quest spin-off, Dragon Quest Treasures.

This game arrived on the Switch earlier this month and was generally well-received by the critics. In our own Nintendo Life review we gave the title eight out of ten stars - calling it a "great" introduction to the RPG genre. It can be just as fun for veterans as well.

So, if you have been wanting to try out this game, and happen to have access to a Japanese eShop account, you can now download a full demo from there. It also includes English subtitles, suggesting the demo could be released worldwide at some stage.

One other point to note is that you can play until the point where you begin collecting treasure. Players can also transfer data from the demo to the full version if they decide to purchase it.

Would you be interested in trying out this latest Square Enix demo? Have you played the full game yet? Comment below.