Dragon Quest Treasures
Image: Square Enix

In case you missed it, the new RPG Dragon Quest Treasures arrived on the Nintendo Switch earlier this month. If you did end up adding this one to your collection, Square Enix has now shared a few codes - allowing players to unlock some special monsters.

First up we have Yuji - a King Slime voiced by the series creator Yuji Horii. This monster comes with 5 Better Buddy Bullets and 2 Chimaera Wings. The code for this one is "YUB". And the second monster unlock is the "killing machine" Pekotte, designed to look like the VTuber Usada Pekora. The code for this monster is "PEK" and it comes with 15 Bang Bomb pellets and 2 Chiamera wings. Both monsters are level 15.

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Here's how to redeem these codes (via Dragon Quest Twitter): To unlock these monsters, you'll need to press the + button to access the game menu. From here go to "Gang", enter each code into the "Gift Code" section. You can then head over to Miss Cecily in your base and select "Check Applicants". Then give Yuji and Pekotte the items they want to join your crew.

If you haven't already tried out Dragon Quest Treasures, it's well worth a look. You can learn more in our review:

Have you redeemed these codes yet? Tell us below.

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