'Pocket Card Jockey' Could Come To Switch If Mobile Version Does Well 1
Image: Game Freak

Pocket Card Jockey, Game Freak's strange little 3DS mashup of solitaire and horse racing, recently came out on mobile devices, to the delight of anyone who enjoyed the game (e.g. anyone who played it). Nevertheless, it was a little disappointing not to see it come to Switch, since it was a 3DS exclusive to begin with, and Game Freak's relationship with Nintendo is pretty tight.

But in a recent interview with Polygon's Oli Welsh, programmer Masao Taya spoke about the possibility of Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! coming to Switch after all — as long as it does well on Apple Arcade.

"Asked about the possibility of a Nintendo Switch version, Taya says he’s focused on getting feedback from Apple Arcade users and delivering updates for the time being, but he doesn’t rule it out. 'We want to see the reaction we get and then we’ll think about the next step.'"

So, if you want Pocket Card Jockey on Switch, you know what to do — download it on every Apple device you have, and leave glowing reviews!

Do you want PCJ on the Switch, or do you think it's had its run? Tell us in the comments.

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