Pocket Card Jockey

It seems that Nintendo really brought the thunder with today's Nintendo Direct, with announcements of new games, release dates, DLC updates, and more making it a very packed forty-one minutes. One of the things that seemed to get a little bit ignored in all the hype was the announcement that Game Freak's Pocket Card Jockey would be brought over to the west.

Pocket Card Jockey appears to be a rather bizarre release that will be combining horse racing with solitaire to create a unique racing game. Essentially, players will play through a normal game of solitaire on the bottom screen, while the race is taking place on the top, with successful moves propelling your horse further up. It appears that there will be some light RPG elements in place, too; players will be able to level up horses and each horse will have special characteristics and abilities that determine how it performs. It all looks very interesting and it's set to hit the eShop sometime this May.

What do you think? Will you be picking this up? What do you think of the concept? Share your thoughts in the comments below.