Pocket Card Jockey

In 2016, Pokémon specialist Game Freak released Pocket Card Jockey on the 3DS. Beyond the cute graphics, the eShop title was a dangerously addictive combination of horse racing and solitaire. Here on Nintendo Life, we gave it seven out of ten stars and said it was worth a look.

A series of interviews with the game's core members have now been shared on Game Freak's YouTube channel and sure enough, a question was asked about a possible sequel to the game known in Japan as Soliti Horse. While the development team appears to be open to the idea, there's nothing necessarily in the pipeline.

If they did revisit it, they'd like to make the concept easier to understand and would be interested in adding in real-time versus feature for eight players. One other change would be to transform the game's graphics from 2D to 3D. Early on in the game's development, one prototype used pre-rendered 3D graphics which was ultimately ditched for a 2D art style.

Have you played Pocket Card Jockey on 3DS? Would you like a sequel? Tell us below.

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