Waking up with each day feeling the same may have been a standard part of Pandemic living, but it is the driving force behind In Stars and Time, a new timeloop RPG coming to Switch in 2023.

You will play as Siffrin, a hero who is attempting to stop a tyrannical ruler with their group of friends, but the pesky clock keeps resetting at the end of each day (isn't it annoying when that happens?) In Stars and Time will see you learning from your mistakes as you attempt to make it all the way through the day without dying before you're right back where you started.

The trailer (above) shows some of these deaths in action. We have getting crushed, being killed by the king, slipping on a banana skin — you know, the standard affair — but there are also tougher ways to go like choking on a pineapple slice (note to self: buy pineapple rings from now on).

The timeloop is a device to which developers have frequently turned, though there are certain aspects of indie studio insertdisc5's take which look to set it apart from what has come before. Take the 'Rock, Paper, Scissors combat' for example. Having completed Splatoon 3's first Splatfest, we thought we were over such hand-waving decisions, but In Stars and Time will have you choosing whether cut, stone, or, erm, paper cut your enemies in its turn-based combat.

The game appears fully nostalgic in its aesthetic, fitting for a game which is all about going back to the past). With a monochrome colour pallet and top-down perspective, it looks like Siffrin won't be the only one re-living times gone by.

For a taste of some of In Starts and Time's features, check out the following list from their PR:

- Save the world through the power of Rock, Paper, Scissors in strategic turn-based RPG combat encounters.
- Ignore the limits of time and space to fix your past mistakes by repeating the same two days over and over again.
- Find your allies’ memories from past loops and equip them to make your party stronger in combat.
- Watch the fate of this world unfold as you escape the twists and turns of this endless(???) loop.
- Eat samosas with your friends!
- Get heckled by a cheeky ethereal being of infinite starlight.
- Pray to a god for good luck in your travels. You’re gonna need it.

The game will be released on Switch and Steam at some point next year, with a Steam demo going live from today.

What do you think of In Stars and Time? Give us your best timeloop recommendations in the comments below.