Omega Bot
Image: Red Art Games

We heard back in June that Red Art Games' upcoming release, OmegaBot, would be landing on Switch in September (much like every other game in the world!). However, today the studio has reached out to say that the game is being pushed back to a release on January 20th 2023.

In its statement, Red Art Games states that the reason for the delay is to ensure that OmegaBot is released in the most polished state possible — something that we are sure will only benefit the final product. The studio was also quick to add that the game will be receiving a physical Switch release as well as digital, so we are hoping for some lovely cover art to match the game's signature colourful aesthetic.

For the official statement, have a read of the following excerpt which contains the delay decision:

Red Art Games has decided to delay OmegaBot’s console release. Those additional months will give the Red Art Studios team ample time to polish the console versions of the game.

Red Art Games will release OmegaBot both digitally on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and Xbox One and physically on Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PS4 on January 20th, 2023. On the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store, the game will cost €9.99/$9.99. We will have more information regarding OmegaBot’s console release to share soon.

A delay of this length is never a decision that we want to see a studio be forced to make, however a glance over the most recent OmegaBot trailer below demonstrates that this is a project which will need to run smoothly to guarantee its success.

OmegaBot will see you playing as an adorable robot on a mission of survival in a deadly world overrun by metallic malice. The game combines the classic feel of an old-school platformer with a bright colour palette and speedy dodge mechanics which make us sure that this is going to be a delight on the Switch OLED's ultra-crisp screen.

To get an idea of the kind of features that you can expect to find in OmegaBot, check out the following details from the game's Steam page (followed by some screenshots, because we couldn't help but mention the visuals one last time):

Tight platforming action
- Avoid dangers and deadly obstacles by using your weapons and abilities.
- Traverse through metallic forests, destroyed futuristic cities and more.
- Go out of your way and find hidden secrets and maybe even new friends that will help you vanish the curse of the land.

Challenging boss fights
- Defeat great warriors of the fallen land, who sacrificed themselves to be consumed by the corruption.
- Use strategic thinking and fast reflexes to slay these machines, but be careful, once your energy depletes you'll become a prey.
- Fight for their weapons and powers so they can be freed from their suffering.

Robotic hordes
- Blast your way through hordes of infected machines.
- Use strategy and fast thinking, but be careful, once your energy runs out you'll be left vulnerable

Pushed back to the start of 2023, we can't help but feel a little upset that we won't be playing OmegaBot sooner, but hopefully, this date reboot means that the finished product will be all the sleeker because of it.

What do you make of OmegaBot? Prove you're not a robot by letting us know your opinions below!