Fall Guys Spock
Image: Epic Games

Epic Games' much enjoyable (if not a little frustrating on Switch) online survival game, Fall Guys, will soon be launching into its second season, and things are about to get a whole lot more cosmic. The latest foray into the final frontier, 'Satellite Scramble', is due to lift off on September 15th.

The first season, 'Free for All', was all about getting us used to the game and flexing its primary selling point — the fact that it is free. Moving into space in its second season, you can see the full trailer for the new season in the video below, which shows off some of the upcoming costumes and potential rounds that we will be able to take on very soon.

In a new blog post, the Fall Guys team shared everything there is to know about the new season from upcoming rewards and rounds to the perks that you will be able to gather up with a season pass. Highlights include a new 'Starchart' round which will see you navigating invisible pathways in outer space, brand new rewards such as nameplates and backpacks, and 'Frantic Factory' which looks to be a uniquely Fall Guys take on the term 'button mashing'.

The real selling point of the announcement, however, is the upcoming season pass costumes (come on, we're a sucker for the space aesthetic). On top of standard outfits including aliens and astronauts, the season pass will grant you the opportunity to unlock costumes such as Star Trek's Mr. Spock, Alien's Xenomorph, and Hatsune Miku! Now those are three names you wouldn't expect to find in the same race.

Unfortunately, the above three costumes are not showcased in the trailer, but check out the full blog post over on the official Fall Guys site for more information.

What do you make of this upcoming season? Let us know your thoughts on the Fall Guys space race in the comments below.

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