Nintendo has announced that GoldenEye 007 is finally coming back. During its September 2022 Nintendo Direct, the company confirmed that Rare's seminal N64 first-person shooter — which has never been officially released on any other console — is "coming soon".

The Direct announcement was light on specifics, with no release date given, but online play has been confirmed. The announcement came at the end of a segment detailing other N64 titles coming to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, and the screenshot below shows an icon in the top left suggesting that this will form a part of that service — and the quickly released trailer following the announcement, above, confirms it.

And it's also coming to Game Pass and owners of Rare Replay, Xbox folks — although apparently without online play, which will remain exclusive to the Nintendo Switch Online version.


Rumours that the game was close to re-release have been doing the rounds for many months now. Achievements were seen on the Xbox website some time ago, with the game's return being one of the industry's worst-kept secrets for some time.

A GoldenEye 007 remaster was developed many years ago and leaked online but until now an official release was always hampered by rights issues, according to Xbox head Phil Spencer.

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