Silver Falls White Inside Its Umbra
Image: Sungrand Studios

The Silver Falls series is incredibly unique among new releases nowadays. Australian developer Jerrel Dulay of Sungrand Studios wants to release his games on the 3DS and Wii U eShops, even though both storefronts are closing this year. Unfortunately, Dulay has hit an issue with one of his Wii U-bound games — Silver Falls - White Inside Its Umbra.

White Inside Its Umbra is a unique horror game that will utilise the Wii Remote, the GamePad, and the Wii Balance Board as control options, and these multiple control options paired with the horror aspect have led to Nintendo rejecting the game due to it being "too scary".

In a video posted to Sungrand Studios' YouTube channel, Dulay stated that the game "should be selling now", but isn't as Nintendo has turned the game down, meaning Dulay will likely have to make the game less scary because of potential unsafe manoeuvers being performed if players get spooked. The developer further clarified on Twitter that he would need to "work it out" with the Big N as the company is concerned about the horror aspect paired with the Balance Board.

In the meantime, Dulay has been working on fixes for other games in his extensive series. 3DS title Silver Falls - 3 Stars Down will be getting a patch later this year to rehaul all of the game's textures and visuals, increase the framerate, and fix a few of the crashes.

You can watch the full video below from Dulay where he talks about his frustrations with the delays, as well as the other fixes he's working on for his games.

Have you played any of the Silver Falls games? Are you disappointed by this delay? Share your thoughts with us.