Chocobo GP Celebration
Image: Square Enix

Square Enix's kart racer Chocobo GP hasn't had the smoothest of launches — with the controversy surrounding the microtransactions, Square has had to step in and make amends to the system. Now, the company has announced that it will be extending season one.

The current season, which was due to end on 16th May at 2:59pm JST (that's 1:59am EDT / 6:59am BST / 7:59 CEST the same day, or 10:59pm PDT on 15th May, will now end on 30th May (or 29th on the west coast) at the same time.

In a post on their website, Square Enix also detailed changes to the gil system. Originally, gil was going to be converted and added to their score when the new season begins. Instead, you will now just carry over any leftover gil you have.

Season 2's start date has yet to be announced yet, but it sounds like Square will be announcing details for that very soon. We'll let you know when that happens, but in the meantime, version 1.0.5 dropped just over a week ago, which fixed various bugs and issues with the game. Hopefully those Time Attack fixes will come in handy as you practice for the new season.

How do you feel about the changes? Are you still playing Chocobo GP? let us know in the comments.