Vaporware GameCube
Via Reddit (Image: Trey Trimble)

You know how it is. You're scrolling through Twitter of an evening, admiring beautiful retro game box art and hardware and intricately detailed scale starship models (everyone does that, right?), and suddenly see an image so jaw-droppingly amazing that it stops you dead in your tracks.

The image above had just this effect on us when we happened to scroll over it recently. As highlighted by @digituba, the original post appears to be two years old but we simply had to share the majesty of this Vaporwave-styled GameCube concept with you, however late to the party we are. It's just... well, look at it!

It's the work of artist Trey Trimble, who posted the awesome 'AesthetiCube' to Reddit back in June 2020. We missed it then, but oh Lordy we've caught up now.

If you're unfamiliar with the Vaporwave aesthetic, it's essentially an electronic music sub-genre that morphed into a meme based on late '80s, early '90s vibes. Think Miami Vice with a good dose of early Internet imagery and a dusting of psychedelia and you're not far off.

Nintendo's beloved GameCube came in a variety of very lovely colours which this writer has a specific weakness for. No-one needs more than, what, three GameCubes, do they?

If someone were to make this Vaporwave GameCube livery a reality, though, we'd have trouble resisting adding to the collection. In fact, we've got tabs open already researching 'how to paint your Gamecube'. Oh dear.

Gamecube Lineup
We don't need another one. We don't need another one. We don't... (Image: Nintendo Life)

Let us know below how much you'd pay to make this console of unfettered, unimaginable beauty a reality. We're off to watch airbrush videos on YouTube.

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