The makers of Hive Jump have just announced their next game: Kombinera, a gorgeous neon-on-black puzzle-platformer that's being published as a new IP from Atari. From the trailer, it's giving us VVVVVV vibes, plus the vibrant high contrast look of games like Hohokum and Baba Is You and a healthy dose of Newgrounds-era Flash game spunk.

In Kombinera, you control multiple balls, each one a different colour with a different power, which helps them interact with obstacles of the corresponding colour, and gives them advantages and resistances. The goal is to get every single ball to the end of the level.

Kombinera is a really fun project for Atari because it’s a modern game that anyone can play and enjoy on today’s platforms, but it also feels like a pick-up-and-play Atari classic, and that’s really what our mission is — bringing high-quality gaming experiences to players while staying true to Atari’s roots.”
-- Atari CEO Wade Rosen

Kombinera will be out on Switch, PC, and other consoles some time in April.