Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

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  • US 7th Apr 2022, $14.99
  • EU 7th Apr 2022, £11.39
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About The Game

Kombinera is a new IP from Atari that seeks to carve out its own place among the very best puzzle-platformers on the market. The phrase “the ball is in your court” has never been so literal! The game sees players take control of multiple colored balls — simultaneously and each with their own distinct abilities — while navigating through over 300 increasingly perilous environments and puzzles. All of the balls move in unison, avoiding obstacles like tricky barriers and spikey walls requires intense concentration and brain-taxing problem-solving.

Additional Key Features of Kombinera Include:

  • Combine, Progress, Win!: A level is completed once every ball is combined into one, but getting there isn’t as easy as it sounds! Leverage each colored ball’s special abilities wisely and remember: as you progress through each chapter, the more obstacles you’ll overcome. Hazardous environments create tricky scenarios that will require strategic thinking and varying perspectives.
  • Special Properties (and Priorities): Each colored ball interacts in a special way with obstacles of the corresponding color. This gives each unique advantages and resistances when traversing a level, forcing you to decide which color combinations you should prioritize.