Super Mario Odyssey
Image: Nintendo

Over the past few weeks, the popular video game music YouTube channel GilvaSunner was hit with thousands of copyright blocks from Nintendo. It resulted in the creator of the channel shutting it down last Friday.

While there's not much else to say about the outcome, there were some theories on social media that the copyright claims weren't the real deal and didn't actually come from Nintendo. One tweet, in particular, suggested the claims were "most likely not from Nintendo" and generated over 23k Likes.

A verified YouTube account has now responded via Twitter, confirming It was in fact Nintendo who filed these copyright claims. It's further noted how "these [claims] are all valid and in full compliance with copyright rules". GilvaSunner has retweeted this confirmation as well.

"Jumping in – we can confirm that the claims on @GilvaSunner's channel are from Nintendo. These are all valid and in full compliance with copyright rules. If the creator believes the claims were made in error, they can dispute..."

So, there you go - Nintendo really was behind the removal of the video game music on GilvaSunner's channel.

There were all sorts of Nintendo songs removed from this YouTube channel from series like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash. Bros, Kirby, Kid Icarus, Mother/EarthBound and Luigi's Mansion.