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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

KINGDOM HEARTS INTEGRUM MASTERPIECE for Cloud (10th Feb, $89.99) - From the very first KINGDOM HEARTS to KINGDOM HEARTS III and the + Re MIND DLC, three KINGDOM HEARTS collections are coming to Nintendo Switch as cloud versions that can be played while connected to the internet. Relive fond memories from previous playthroughs, or get to know these heart-filled adventures for the first time alongside Sora, Donald and Goofy for the first time on Nintendo Switch. KINGDOM HEARTS INTEGRUM MASTERPIECE for Cloud, containing all three game collections, soars onto Nintendo Switch today! Each collection will also be available individually to purchase in Nintendo eShop.

Switch eShop - New Releases

ABC Follow Me: Animals (4th Feb, $9.99) - An educational game for preschool children that will develop their motor skills and introduce them to the basics of writing letters and numbers in a child-friendly design. Once this is mastered, you can move on to a more challenging game mode where children learn animals from A to Z in English! This will be a great introduction to learning languages and getting to know many fascinating animals. Maybe one of them will even become your child's favorite?

About an Elf (10th Feb, $11.99) - Join forces with Dam, the magical princess of all elves, and her incorrigible apprentice, Roland the BraveCat, as they fight to save the universe from the King of Terrors and his army of evil monsters. This is a point-and-click-ish, rpg-ish, visual-novel-ish game of gigantawesome proportions. Do you have what it takes to have what it takes? If so, everything might turn out elf-ok!

Arcade Archives NEW RALLY-X (HAMSTER, 3rd Feb, $7.99) - "NEW RALLY-X" is an action game released by NAMCO in 1981. This work is a full model change from the previous RALLY-X. Experience the same thrilling car chases against red cars, now with easier gameplay. The "Arcade Archives" series has faithfully reproduced many classic Arcade masterpieces. Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time. Players can also compete against each other from all over the world with their high scores. Please enjoy the masterpiece that built a generation for video games. *The options menu and manual are available in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Ball Rush (4th Feb, $0.99) - Smash through shapes to reach the finish line! Only hit your color shapes and watch the fly! The most addictive experience yet! Play Now!

Blackberry Honey (11th Feb, $12.99) - Lorina Waugh is forced to toil for fourteen hours a day as a maid for the Lennard family, and she struggles with overwork and being bullied by the senior maids. One of the only maids who speaks kindly to Lorina is the mysterious Taohua. Her aloof, almost cat-like personality, coupled with her peculiar appearance, have inspired rumours that she might be a witch. Lorina knows she should keep her distance from Taohua, and she wants to most desperately… but maybe there’s a pinch of truth to all the rumours, because she soon finds herself under the woman’s spell!

Blipz (10th Feb, $9.99) - Welcome to Blipz, one of the most addictive and unique puzzlers to set foot on this planet. Play through 5 carefully crafted game modes as you aim for highscores, earn cool new badges, and face grading challenges to prove your mastery! -------- Classic -------- The standard mode of Blipz. Play carefully as you try and group together Blipz of the same color, but be careful not to corner yourself! The faster you play the more score you earn. -------- Rush -------- 60 second rounds filled with utter chaos! Multiplier is always at max, and occasional bombs are given to clear out the board with spectacular explosions -------- Dropout -------- A mode for the strategic thinkers! Every few moves a tile falls away, changing the way the board plays. Playing fast here has no benefit. -------- Shatter -------- Positioning is key here. Normal matches don't grant a lot of points, but creating matches on the randomly selected gold tiles will reward you handsomely!

Breakout: Recharged (10th Feb, $9.99) - The grandfather of brick-breaking games is back with some of the toughest challenges yet! Breakout: Recharged steps up the excitement with a fresh coat of paint, exciting power-ups, and another original soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee. Breakout: Recharged will forever change what you expect from a brick-breaking title. The endless arcade mode and 50 challenge levels will push you to the limit of your skills. Don’t fret, however, as this wouldn’t be a Recharged title without game-changing powerups. Expect the aid of rail guns, homing missiles, and explosives to join the traditional multi-ball. You’ll need every tool in the arsenal and razor-sharp reflexes to climb the global leaderboards.

Castle Morihisa (Thermite Games, 10th Feb, $14.99) - "Castle Morihisa" is a roguelike featuring strategic deckbuilder. You need to build up your deck through constant battles, acquire powerful talents, and wield the power of the Fallen Heroes to unveil the truth behind the rebellion in the Castle Morihisa.

Ceilless (4th Feb, $2.99) - Shall we go on an adventure to find jewels? Mysterious ruins made by tiles all over the floor are waiting for you. There's nothing that hurts the dangerous jungle or swamp, but you can get through the box. Do you think that nothing special? Still, but it's a magic box! Ceilless is a screen rotation puzzle platform game. All you have to do is just push the box into the crystal. However, the world doesn't allow it easily. Still, the mysterious ruins will move as you please. It's a relief, right? Let's use the box well in the rotating ruins. So shall we go find the jewels?

Cellular Harvest (10th Feb, $7.99) - At the edge of explored space, your camera will decide the fate of a world. Cellular Harvest is a shortform first-person photography exploration game. You are an Auditor. An AI embedded in your suit evaluates the value of every being you encounter for the corporate interests that direct humanity's journey into a wider universe. Track alien creatures. Catalog their existence with your camera. Follow orders. And enjoy an alien planet - while it's still intact!

Death Park (10th Feb, $6.99) - In this scary game you should explore a huge abandoned amusement park with a creepy circus. Are you ready to face the true evil - the scary killer clown? Will you be able to solve all the puzzles that are waiting for you on the path to escape in these horror stories? You will have to play hide and seek with that monster and go through all the hard quests in order to survive throughout the night! Explore a dark amusement loonar park: old abandoned buildings, a horrifying hospital, dark basements, mysterious mazes and creepy circus, all this scares goosebumps. Feeling you’re alone there? In this terrible adventure game you won’t ever end up being alone, because It will always be at your back… Put your attention on secret quests and hidden objects in this dreadful game - the only way to stay alive is to hide first and run away after this massacure!

Derpy Conga (Giant Door, 10th Feb, $16.99) - A physics-based puzzle-platformer about the importance of friendship! Gather all your friends and take them on a journey to save their endangered planet! Take their hand as you find them and form a conga line to be sure not to leave anyone behind but be careful: the longer the line, the harder to control! On the other hand (haha!), certain obstacles are easier to overcome when you have friends on your side. Explore beautiful and lively alien worlds as you travel through space to look out for your friends. Once you found them, take them by their hand and never let go again! On your journey, you'll meet different kind of friends: each of them has different abilities that can be used to get past obstacles and to solve puzzles.

Dino Galaxy Tennis (10th Feb, $9.99) - In Dino Galaxy Tennis you take on the role of a dinosaur, whose dream is to win the Galactic Tennis Tournament. To reach the grand final, you will have to visit 5 planets and defeat their leaders, with every victory confirmed by a unique badge. This will not only bring you closer to the final but will also unlock special abilities that become useful in future matches. With the help of your mentor and special practices, you will be able to improve your results between tournaments. Throughout the story, you will also encounter a cheating opponent, which needs to be eliminated in a match. You can also complete the campaign and the challenges with your friends via a dedicated Co-op mode. Try competitive VS mode and play with up to 4 players during your casual meetings and party evenings.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires (Koei Tecmo, 15th Feb, $59.99) - A new release for the "Empires" series, which allows users to enjoy both the thrill of one-versus-a-thousand action and the intricacy of country conquering simulation!

EGGLIA Rebirth (Brownies, 10th Feb, $19.99) - Once upon a time, there was a magical kingdom known as Egglia. Within its borders, all manners of species lived peacefully and in harmony with one another. But these days were not to last. The kingdom was sieged by gigantic, brutish Ogres, who laid waste to all they touched. Faced with imminent destruction, Egglia's ruler and its most powerful wizard, Kuff, sealed his precious kingdom away inside a magical egg. There Egglia remained, kept safe from strife and harm, waiting for the right time to be set free once more. It's here that the story begins: with a fateful encounter between a girl born to save the world, and a red-capped boy born to destroy it. With the crossing of their paths, a new legend is born. Win simple, intuitive dice-roll battles to find more eggs and make Egglia thrive, or enjoy decorating your home and mingling with the unique characters that inhabit your town. Create your personal home-away-from-home in the soft, colorful world of Egglia.

Grapple Dog (Super Rare Originals, 10th Feb, $14.99) - Grapple Dog is an exhilarating 2D pixel art platformer. Use your awesome grappling hook to clear tricky challenges as Pablo, the Grapple Dog! • Exhilarating action - Jumping! Swinging! Collecting gems! Dogs! Grapples! Driving a little boat around! And most exciting of all, dog petting! • 6 colorful worlds - Sail across the map to explore 6 worlds, featuring 33 levels filled with hidden collectibles to find, secret areas to investigate, spectacular boss battles to overcome, and bonus levels to master!

Hidden Theft (5th Feb, $9.99) - Have you ever imagined how it is like to be on the shoes of a bank stealing thief? Have this experience helping him go through several obstacles that will prevent him from continuing his heist. Hide from the police, dodge obstacles, challenge your reflexes and become the most stealthy thief ever.

Infernax (The Arcade Crew, 14th Feb, $19.99) - STORY Infernax is the adventures of a great knight who returns to his homeland only to find it plagued with unholy magic. While on your quest to find and destroy the source of this corruption by any means necessary, you will face ruthless creatures, dangerous beasts, and precarious terrains. FACE THE CONSEQUENCES Every decision you make is crucial, would you rather: ⦁ slay or help someone? ⦁ use your experience gained from slashing monsters to get more life, mana or damage? Think well before deciding on what to do my friend. A single choice can change the game; remember that thing you did to that guy? Farmer Pepper remembers. CONSEQUENCE FACES Smash as many monsters as you can to get some money, spend your savings to buy better weapons and armors from the blacksmith, gear up and get stronger for this journey of smashing even more faces!

Insert before flight (3rd Feb, $12.49) - Insert before flight is a flight simulator focused on small aircrafts. You can fly different aircrafts and choose different departure airfields. Fly in a big scale terrain and explore the different points of interests like a water park, different towns and cities. To complete your adventure land your aircraft on one of three airfields. Listen to the relaxing music while flying and enjoy your flight!

Inua – A Story in Ice and Time (ARTE Experience, 10th Feb, $14.99) - A mystical game in Canadian far north Inua is a mystical narrative adventure spanning several time periods in the Canadian far north. Follow the story of Taïna, Peter and Simon, three characters separated by more than a century but whose destinies are mysteriously intertwined with Nanurluk, the great polar bear. 10 000 thousand years ago, nanurluk lived peacefully with her cubs? One day, motivated by ambition and their desire to show their superiority, humans attacked her. After a long and dire hunt, Nanurluk was slain ,disturbing the balance between man and nature. Navigate through time and instill ideas into the minds of characters to bring back harmony to the world. Of time and space Travel to the Canadian far north, navigate between the ages and interact with the past to change the present. Inua, will have you unravel space-time to solve puzzles and guide the characters. Each level is made up of several scenes that take place in the same location, but at different times.

KINGDOM HEARTS – HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX – Cloud Version (10th Feb, $39.99)

KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Cloud Version (10th Feb, $49.99)

KINGDOM HEARTS III + Re Mind (DLC) Cloud Version (10th Feb, $49.99)

Kittens and Yarn (10th Feb, $2.99) - Lots of cuteness and mess! That's exactly what you get for having several kittens at home. Kittens and Yarn is a cute and minimalist puzzle game where it's up to you to untangle the yarns by simply swapping the pieces. Main features: - Relaxing - No scoring, no timer, and no pressure. Solve the puzzles in your own time and enjoy the game experience.

KungFu Kickball (Blowfish Studios, 10th Feb, $19.99) - Dart headfirst into an action-packed arena fusing intense martial arts with high-speed competition. Face rival squads, performing epic leaps, stunning steals, and powerful kicks to launch a kickball at the opposing team’s bell. Strategize offensive and defensive plays to outsmart challengers and bring them to their knees with each glorious ring. Tag in one of five fighters, all with individual kicking styles, and compete on six different stages.

Let it Roll 2 Slide Puzzles (Kistler Studios, 3rd Feb, $2.99) - Let it roll has a simple goal. Arrange the puzzle pieces by sliding them into the correct position to let the ball roll into the goal. Two game modes are included, the star mode where you need to collect stars to unlock new puzzles and the rotation mode where special tiles are introduced. Both of the game modes have plenty of levels ready to be solved. Let the ball roll now !

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp XXL (14th Feb, $17.99) - "Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp" brings you more of the world's best (and maybe only? ) multiplayer dating sim, but in a way you've never expected! The original Monster Prom is a multiplayer dating sim that shines for its beautiful art and unapologetic humor. The sequel brings you into a new setting (summer camp) with new characters to romance, including old faces and new ones: Damien, Calculester, Milo, Dahlia, Joy, and Aaravi. But that's not all: Monster Camp comes with other new twists here and there, from the campfire mechanics to a new stage full of magic mixed drinks. But that’s not all! The XXL version includes ALL of the non-Kickstarter exclusive outfit packs!

NAPE RETROVERSE COLLECTION (10th Feb, $6.99) - A collection of classics from the 8-bit era, with special add-ons like display modes, save states, rewind to help with gameplay accessibility and more! REKNUM SOULS ADVENTURE In the kingdom of Drissol there was a great battle in the lust for power and it was where Cheri lost her family. After the war ended, she follows her desire to bring her family back based on village rumors, said rumors say that if she manages to get the 4 sacred souls she will be able to open a portal to the underworld and bring her family back … Here is when our adventure begins! PLOID A couple of years after the events of V. O. I. D. the Ploids have formed the patrol that protects time and space to avoid repeating the history of V. O. I. D. With Dr. Elo, also Alpha and Omega Ploids enter a new link in evolution due to time travel turning them into PLOID X, a skill that allows them to have temporary improvements to their systems in order to fight.

Noel the Mortal Fate (10th Feb, $24.99) - Noel the Mortal Fate is an adventure title which started serialization as a free game in 2016 and later spawned comics and novels. This version of the game has been remade for a console experience, with updated UI, story and dialogue. It follows the story from the prologue through Season 7 of the series where the real battle begins for Noel and her companions. Furthermore it now supports full HD and so can be enjoyed in TV Mode as the epic story unfolds. This version also features Season 3. 5, a bonus season which takes place between the Burrows and Jillian storylines.

Ocean’s Heart (10th Feb, $14.99) - Ocean’s Heart is an action RPG featuring detailed pixel art with a heavy focus on exploration. In a lively world teeming with secrets and mysteries, Tilia sets out in search of her missing father. Follow the trail through the ruins of a flooded kingdom, shape the future of the current world, or keep your head down and focus on your own mission in this epic retro-inspired adventure!

Our Winter Sports (3rd Feb, $12.72) - Everyone's out in the snow for some frosty fun! Pass around the Joy-Con™ controller and compete with up to four players! Play 10 kinds of winter sports! There's curling, ice hockey, snow mobile races, snowball fights, and more to enjoy! Collect coins as you take on all the games in Single Player mode! Become the Winter Sports Champion! - Snowboarding - Head for the goal as you pull off cool tricks! - Alpine Skiing - Hit the turns at top speeds as you race to the finish! - Ice Hockey - Take to the rink for an icy clash! - Speed Skating - Slip, slide and glide in a scramble for victory! - Ice Fishing - Get ready, stay steady, and go fish! - Curling - Guide the stone home! - Biathlon - Ski and shoot your way to 1st place! - Snowball Fight - The gloves are on for a snowball scuffle! - Ski Jump - Aim high and fly far, in style! - Snowmobile - A white hot race to the finish!

ParaLily (2nd Feb, $4.99) - ParaLily is one little girl’s adventure to retrieve her dear stuffed dinosaur Patches, who in the middle of the night sprung to life and took off through a mysterious door. This strange journey will take Lily through a set of dangerous and terrifying parallel universes, as she attempts to retrieve her little stuffed runaway. Lily can shift between the parallel universes at will; which will help her avoid danger, and solve puzzles while traversing the paranormal universes. In this special blend of precision and puzzle platforming. Avoid horrifying enemies, collect magical glyphs, and discover the connection between Lily and the parallel universes. This first chapter sets the tone for the journey ahead. Solve each puzzle. Find Patches!

Pendula Swing – The Complete Journey (11th Feb, $9.99) - You play as Brialynne, one of the most honored dwarven heroines - you even have your own fanclub! Stealing your axe unleashes an extraordinary carousel of events! Will you be able to come to peace with the loss of your beloved? How has the world changed after you saved it? Why is your cat chattering something about a failed spell? FANTASY AND GLAMOROUS 20s In Pendula Swing - The Complete Journey you'll meet hundreds of stories and characters from a colorful universe where elves are industrializing mithril mining and goblins are fighting for their rights - all in an atmosphere when swing and jazz ruled the world!

Perpetuum Mobile (10th Feb, $4.99) - In Perpetuum Mobile you take control of the perpetuum flyer where you must reach the highest score ,in infinite procedurally generated levels.

Pinball Frenzy (11th Feb, $3.99) - Pinball Frenzy establishes a new standard about on-device pinball games, thanks to its hyper-realistic physic and the quality of its graphics and sound ambience. Features: -2 Fantastic Pinball Tables -Extra balls -Multi-balls -Awesome combos and neon effects -Hi-Fi Sound Effects and Musics Find back the atmosphere of the best pub games et make proof of dexterity and ability like during the great era of pinball madness!

Polgar Magic Detective: Murder Mystery Journey (3rd Feb, $14.99) - Will you be able to solve the magical crimes without making a mistake? If you like detective games and magic pay attention: this case is very special. Embark on a mysterious adventure and uncover the dark secrets surrounding the crimes of Polgar Magic Detective: Murder Mystery Journey . A writer has been found dead under strange circumstances at his home. The house is a mess. There is evidence that a magical creature was responsible for this, but who is using the magical beasts to take the law into their own hands? Investigate a supernatural criminal case: collect and uncover all the evidence, interpret the clues and solve the case. Make decisions: trust your instinct! This mystery game is up to you! Objects, sounds, runes, mystical elements: a wide range of content full of suspense and fantasy awaits you. Discover the bestiary: use logic to find the right creature, but be careful, look carefully at the clues to solve the case at the first attempt.

PowerSlave Exhumed (10th Feb, $19.99) - PowerSlave: Exhumed is a KEX Engine port of the classic console game Destination: The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak. Alien forces possessing horrifying powers have sealed off the once thriving community from all outside contact. As a covert operations specialist, you have been trained for all forms of contingencies. Nothing can prepare you, however, for the nightmare you are about to enter. . . Features: First Person Viewpoint Action 20 Plus Levels of Non-stop gameplay through an ancient Egyptian city and the tomb of the Pharaoh Ramses Real time fully 3D rendered gameplay allows you to move between floors within a single level Cross bridges and swim through underwater grottos With just a machete to start, search for 6 other weapons including hand grenades, a flame thrower, an M-60 machine gun, and a magical cobra staff. Dynamic lighting creates stunning visual effects.

QUByte Classics – The Humans by PIKO (QUByte Interactive, 3rd Feb, $7.99) - The Humans are one of the first games of his time to present cooperation within characters to achieve the objectives that is to make sure your tribe will be alive at the end of the day, organization is the key, and pre-plan your time is highly important. The player controls a group of humans and may switch between any human at any time, in order to complete a level, it is often necessary to use certain tools or abilities, such as stacking to reach a high ledge. For example, the spear, a tool obtained in the first level of the game, may be thrown across gaps to other humans, used to jump, thrown to kill dinosaurs or other enemies, or brandished to hold off dinosaurs temporarily.

Retro Bowl (FiveAcesPublishing, 10th Feb, $4.99) - Retro Bowl is the perfect game for the armchair quarterback to finally prove a point. Presented in a glorious retro style, the game has simple roster management, including press duties and the handling of fragile egos, while on the field you get to call the shots. Can you pass the grade and take your team all the way to the ultimate prize? Can you win the Retro Bowl? - Read our Retro Bowl review

Rise of the Third Power (10th Feb, $19.99) - Rise of the Third Power is a retro-themed, console-style role playing game, loosely based on the political climate of Europe in the late 1930's. The story takes place in the land of Rin during the height of the Age of Sail, following the events that would lead to the greatest war in human history. STORY DRIVEN - Join a party of eight, each with their own unique ambitions, perspectives and personalities as they embark upon a suicide mission to topple the Arkadyan emperor, Dimitri Noraskov. A blend of humor, drama and tragedy await players as they navigate the treacherous world of Rin. POLITICAL INTRIGUE - As the world of Rin recovers from the Great War, the balance of power remains badly skewed, with vacuums of power still waiting to be filled. The player's party will be both beset and aided by schemers, liars and betrayers, all while the clock ticks down to a reprise of the greatest war in human history.

Shark Adventure (3rd Feb, $0.99) - Shark Adventure puts you in the role of a shark and your primary focus is to acquire as many stars as you can, while avoiding obstacles that come your way. It’s a very engaging and impressive game with lots of fun and enjoyable mechanics. This is not a simple game, it requires a lot of precision and attention. But it goes to show how exciting and fun this type of experience actually is. Try it out and see if you can become the ultimate shark! Features: Take the role of a shark on the open water Avoid obstacles and accumulate stars Fast paced gameplay

Skautfold: Shrouded in Sanity (11th Feb, $9.99) - Set in the alternative historical setting of 1897 Angelic Empire of Britannia, your contract will order you to eliminate the source of the unnatural fog enveloping the Berelai Manor. Discover the secrets of the estate, as you look for answers among the violent inhabitants. A strange and repelling madness took hold of the servants roaming the halls, and they will attack on sight, for their madness is one rooted in a deeper understanding of cosmic insignificance. To repel the maddening horrors, your Iaito cane, and Waltham A9 hand canon will aid you. To mend your injuries your Vitae concoctions will offer healing. Beware, whatever unearthly events have transpired, your sanity will be tested as the truth unfolds in this hungry all-consuming Fog.

Smash Star (14th Feb, $1.29) - Many citizens of Kitty Town have disappeared. GK, the one and only kitty warrior in town, enlists the help of a star to find his friends. The path to Darkside isn't an easy one, but it seems like that's where all your friends have disappeared to. There's likely more going on than meets the eye, so oil those cat dude muscles, do some warm-up push-ups and get going!

Space Party (3rd Feb, $3.99) - “Space Party” is a party game to play with your friends in local multiplayer, where you will face each other to see who is the best at scoring and defending. The more players, the more chaotic the games will be! Choose your game mode and play with friends, against AI or both, mixed with events that make each game feel unique. This game is a revolutionary redesign of the classic game Pong, where players will have skills at their disposal to ensure madness all across the levels, with dozens of balls flying across the field! Game features: Up to 8 players in local multiplayer Random events that will make games go crazy. These events can rotate the entire level, create black holes in the center of the map, and much more! Customizable games: set your preferred map size, time limits, the frequency upon which events appear and more On top of your normal scoring balls, you can become charged to change the types of balls you can send back to your opponents.

Sword of Elpisia (KEMCO, 10th Feb, $14.99) - In Terra, a world whose civilization developed thanks to magic tools, there are frequent cases of people being turned into magic swords. Alice, a girl who is traveling with Aldo, the main hero, chooses to become a sword to rescue her friends. Will their journey and encounters lead them to a predetermined fate? Throw yourself into the beautiful, complex turn-based battles, using magic swords with up to three weapons set! The overwhelming charm of pixelated graphics surround your entire world and adventure in a unique fantasy JRPG. Not to mention all the necessary elements from treasure hunting, quests, pet buddies to almost-infinite level caps!

Treasure Temples (3rd Feb, $7.99) - Join two young explorers as they discover the remnants of a long-lost civilization hidden deep beneath the snow. Endless riches await, but the path that leads to them is a challenging one. Floor tiles collapse with every step the explorers take, traps and ancient guardians lie in wait for them and all that glittering gold seems to have caught the eye of something else, something big. . .

Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Collection (Edia, 10th Feb, $39.99) - The side-scrolling bishojo action game series "Valis", which was first released in the 80s and gained popularity, celebrated its 35th anniversary in December 2021. In commemoration of this, three of the series' most popular titles, "Valis: The Fantasm Soldier", "Valis II" and "Valis III", have been completely ported to the Nintendo Switch™! Sound mode and visual mode included! The game is equipped with a viewing mode that allows you to enjoy the gems of Valis sound and beautiful visual scenes! In addition, many other elements allow you to enjoy Valis to the fullest, such as a function that allows you to save and load anywhere and a "rewind" function that allows you to go back and redo any mistakes you make! - Read our Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Collection review

Welcome to Elk (10th Feb, $14.99) - Welcome to Elk is a biographical adventure set on an island like no other, where every character you encounter has a story to tell. From the weird and wonderful to the dark and desperate, all the tales told on Elk are based on true stories of life on the road less traveled. Tales of real stories Welcome to Elk, an adventure game set on a fictional island stitched together with true stories and tall tales, and inhabited by the people who lived them. Story You play as Frigg, a young carpenter trading their busy life in the city for an apprenticeship in a small town. When she arrives in Elk, Frigg worries that the slower pace of life will be boring (they don’t even have the internet), but quickly discovers nothing could be further from the truth! Tragic stories told with love and sometimes humour The stories reflect the drama of our lives, on Elk it’s known that humour, love and death go hand in hand. Life may seem hard sometimes, but it is always followed by laughter.

Word Chef (11th Feb, $5.99) - Word Chef is the easy and fun word puzzle game. Link letters together to form different words. Earn rubies at each level that will unlock the most difficult words in the form of hints. You'll quickly become addicted to word search and it will be a real pleasure. -540+ levels - thousands of words to find -perfect for improving your English vocabulary -excellent brain exercise - get your brain working -progressive difficulty -long hours of fun guaranteed

Zorya: The Celestial Sisters (TLM Partners, 8th Feb, $0.00) - Invite a friend to play the first 5 levels in this version, or play the full game with a friend who owns the DLC (users must be playing in an online session). An award-winning cooperative puzzle game that takes place in a desolate world where the sun never sets. Choose to play as one of two sisters: Aysu, the night goddess who must stay within the shadows and can summon Wind Power, or Solveig, the all-powerful sun goddess who controls time and can harness Solar Energy. To succeed in the game, players must reunite the sisters by safely navigating the shadows to solve increasingly complex puzzles and restore balance to the world.

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