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  • US 3rd Feb 2022, $3.99
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“Space Party” is a party game to play with your friends in local multiplayer, where you will face each other to see who is the best at scoring and defending. The more players, the more chaotic the games will be! Choose your game mode and play with friends, against AI or both, mixed with events that make each game feel unique. This game is a revolutionary redesign of the classic game Pong, where players will have skills at their disposal to ensure madness all across the levels, with dozens of balls flying across the field! Game features: Up to 8 players in local multiplayer

Random events that will make games go crazy. These events can rotate the entire level, create black holes in the center of the map, and much more!

Customizable games: set your preferred map size, time limits, the frequency upon which events appear and more On top of your normal scoring balls, you can become charged to change the types of balls you can send back to your opponents. These are: Arrow ball: an arrow shaped ball, much faster than normal balls Asteroid ball: a ball that blocks your opponent’s balls to prevent them from scoring against you Hologram ball: a fake ball that will deceive and confuse your opponents