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Single Player
Action, Adventure, Platformer
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  • US 14th Feb 2022, $1.29
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About The Game

Many citizens of Kitty Town have disappeared. GK, the one and only kitty warrior in town, enlists the help of a star to find his friends. The path to Darkside isn't an easy one, but it seems like that's where all your friends have disappeared to. There's likely more going on than meets the eye, so oil those cat dude muscles, do some warm-up push-ups and get going! Features ●Pick up and throw baddies, bombs & more ●Your abilities change depending on what you're carrying ●Metroidvania elements like health upgrades, hidden areas and levels and puzzles ●Rescue your friends or find hidden treasures in over 8 levels with many hidden areas and secrets ●An easy mode if the retro difficulty isn't your thing (more health and checkpoints) ●A new retro soundtrack ●Pixel graphics just like in grandpa's retro days