Sony San Diego has unveiled a flashy new gameplay trailer for MLB The Show 22, a series that'll be making its Switch debut this year. As you'd expect the footage is focused on PS5 / Xbox Series X|S versions, but you can get a sense for what the game is all about.

If you're a veteran of the series there isn't a huge amount that's new; as an annual release upgrades to visuals and animations are always very gradual in each entry. The trailer does reveal two new legends that'll be joining the game's online Diamond Dynasty mode, however - Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson and power hitter Ryan Howard.

As previously reported, MLB The Show will pleasingly be fully cross-platform on Switch - you'll be able to transfer your saves and share online progress between systems, and online matches will also support cross-platform play. In terms of the feature-set and the sort of performance we can expect, on Switch it'll unsurprisingly be more in line with the PS4 / Xbox One iteration of the game. We're intrigued to see how it shapes up on Nintendo's system.

At physical retail Switch is just getting a standard edition, but on the eShop there's the Standard version and also the pricey 'Digital Deluxe' equivalent at $99USD, which includes a lot of add-ons for Diamond Dynasty and allows early access to play four days ahead of the 5th April release.

Let us know if you're tempted to pick this up on Switch, or if you're waiting to hear how well the port stacks up before diving in.