Just recently we had the very welcome news that MLB The Show 22 is coming to the Switch in April, alongside the PlayStation and Xbox versions. It'll be the first PlayStation Studios title on Switch (it's developed by Sony San Diego), though it's worth reminding people that this is at the behest of Major League Baseball (MLB); in fact MLB was technically the publisher of last year's Xbox version.

In any case, at the top of the page you can see a snazzy animated trailer released to celebrate its cover star Shohei Ohtani, and we'd bet money that this will also be the opening cinematic in the game. We've also been digging around on the official website to get a feel for how the Switch version will turn out.

To start with the downside Switch is getting the same treatment as the Xbox One and PS4 versions; we know this as the Switch / Xbox One / PS4 versions are a little less expensive and come with less digital items than the PS5 / Xbox Series X|S equivalents. The Switch also won't get the Stadium Creator tool, which is exclusive to 'current-gen' systems - again, PS5 / Xbox Series X|S.

If performance is similar to PS4, though, that's still not all bad. We should switch to the good news, particularly for those planning to play the game across multiple platforms (especially viable for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, too). Cross-play and cross-platform save support looks to be fully integrated, allowing you to share progress of various modes and your online Diamond Dynasty account.

Nintendo fans can now join in with Xbox and PlayStation fans to play against each other online with cross-platform play in MLB The Show 22. In addition, cross progression allows you to earn and use any earned content on any platform or generation (this excludes PS5 and Xbox Series X|S exclusive features like Stadium Creator). With cross saves you can transfer a save file for Road to the Show or Franchise mode to a different console.

With MLB The Show 22, you now can easily move from platform to platform and keep access to your entire inventory of cards, and the MLB The Show Account allows you to do so. Just create your MLB The Show Account on TheShow.com and link your PlayStation, Xbox, and/or Nintendo Switch and you are all set.

Well, this'll be a fun time for baseball fans.