Even for those of us that aren't active players of Fortnite, there's no denying that the free-to-play juggernaut has set high standards in world building, season pass desirability, IP crossovers and control / accessibility options. The latest update, which should be live for all or rolling out very soon, adds to the control options on Switch and other gyro-compatible platforms.

The Switch has had gyro aiming in Fortnite since day one, but Epic Games states they'll now be 'more robust'. More intriguing is the addition of 'Flick Stick' controls; the video above is from its creator, Julian "Jibb" Smart, explaining how it works and demonstrating cases in-game where it may be useful.

Below is how you access these control options in the game (once it's updated).

- Gyro: Enable or disable gyro controls in the “Touch and Motion” tab of the settings. Do this by toggling “Gyro Aiming” to either on or off. When on, you’ll be able to control the camera by turning the controller. This offers more precision than standard stick aiming, but it doesn’t have to replace it entirely. Usually, players will still use the right stick for most camera control while using gyro aiming for finer adjustments that are difficult to do with a thumbstick.

- Flick Stick: Found in the “Touch and Motion” tab as well, turn on flick stick so that when you point the right stick in a certain direction, the camera will quickly flick to face that direction. Since this means you can no longer aim up or down with the right stick, this requires gyro aiming to be enabled. Flick stick is generally recommended for experienced gyro players, but some new gyro players get a hold of it quickly.

It's a welcome addition, certainly - if you're a regular player of Fortnite on Switch it may be worth a try.

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