Qubyte Interactive and MiniCactus Games have announced that their brand new game, Unlock the Cat, will hit Switch this Thursday 13th January.

Taking inspiration from classic Klotski puzzles — that's sliding block puzzles to us layfolk — the game sees players attempt to rescue a cute little kitty by moving a variety of objects around a board in order to open up a path home for the stranded creature.

Judging by the trailer, which you can check out above, this one looks to be a pretty chilled out affair with a nice relaxing vibe to its visuals and soundtrack. The game is also currently sat on a "Very Positive" user rating on Steam, where it released back in March of last year, so that's encouraging!

You can check out some more brief details from the game's official press release as well as a few screenshots below:

Challenging and captivating puzzles
Simple controls
Unique gameplay
Beautiful and minimalistic graphics
Amazing soundtrack with relaxing songs

Will you be helping kitty to make its way home later this week? Let us know below.