As we get closer to the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land on the Nintendo Switch, more details are being revealed.

In the latest update, we've got new information about the title's file size. According to the eShop and Nintendo's website listing, Kirby's new adventure will require 5.8GB of free space. It appears to be Kirby's biggest Switch game so far (in terms of size).

In comparison, Kirby Star Allies is around 4.0GB, and both Super Kirby Clash and Kirby Fighters 2 are 1.1GB in size. Super Mario Odyssey (a game this latest Kirby outing has been compared to) is 5.6GB.

In Kirby's new game, players will explore a mysterious world, unlock special abilities and encounter all sorts of enemies.

Image: Nintendo

Will you be helping out Kirby when he returns on March 25th? Comment down below.

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