Late last year publisher Serenity Forge confirmed that Death's Gambit: Afterlife would be getting a physical release on Switch; the good news is that it's out now, though the package has changed with a sticker sheet replacing an art book in the final offering. It should be available from retailers now, and the publisher also has its own storefront as another option.

Deaths Gambit Switch physical
Image: Serenity Forge

If you're an owner of the download version or are just a fan of the game, though, the publisher shared some more good news. 'Ashes of Vados' is a DLC expansion that's due to arrive on Switch this Spring, priced at $7.99USD, seemingly offering some endgame and extra challenging content

Deaths Gambit DLC Ashes of Vados
Image: Serenity Forge

Ashes of Vados introduces a brand-new boss encounter with a drastically different heroic boss variant that will conclude the final story thread of Death’s Gambit: Afterlife. In addition, Ashes of Vados will test your mettle with the ultimate platforming challenge level and a new Arena with both boss rush and horde mode. The DLC will also spice up new runs of the game with alternative game modifiers that completely flip the experience on its head, with modes like randomized items, heroic forced and hardcore mode. All of these new challenges come with their own set of rewards, so go out there and conquer Ashes of Vados.

Are you tempted to track down the physical edition, or perhaps expand the game with the DLC in the Spring? Let us know, as always, in the comments.