Chrono Trigger
Image: Square Enix

Things have been quiet on the Chrono Trigger front, but according to a tweet from FantasyAnime — a website "dedicated to classic fantasy RPG video games" — that could be about to change.

For 22 years, FantasyAnime has been distributing the ROMs for select Square Enix games, including SaGa, the Mana series, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger, but after receiving a cease and desist notice from Square Enix, they will be removed from the site.

But the good news, says FantasyAnime, is that the takedowns could mean that Square Enix is "working on something for Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, & Front Mission."

That's an assumption on their part, but with reason — Square Enix didn't include other games, like Live-A-Live, Treasure Hunter G, and Treasure of the Rudras, in their cease and desist. The Mana and SaGa series are currently active, with Trials of Mana and the SaGa Collection both released last year, and, of course, Final Fantasy is as active as ever. But Chrono Trigger? We haven't heard from Chrono Trigger since the PC version came out in 2018. So, why now?

It could just be that Chrono Trigger is a successful, popular game that's still fairly widely available. Or, speculates FantasyAnime, it could be something much, much bigger.

Will Chrono Trigger return?

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