Bonus Stage Publishing has revealed that its multiplayer arena shooter Warshmallows will be launching on Nintendo Switch on 6th January 2022.

The game has you choosing from a roster of different Warshmallows – if you hadn't guessed, that's marshmallows, but at war – before throwing you into an arena with three other players. Your goal is to be the last one standing and, as you'll see from the footage above, the game gives off some pretty strong Worms Rumble vibes.

Both local and online multiplayer is supported, and you'll be able to dash, float, jump, shoot, and even 'smack' your way to victory.

Team up with your friends or go rogue against everyone in epic multiplayer MAYHEM! The last marshmallow standing wins.

Bullet-time, Shoot, jump, double jump or even triple jump, punch, dash, crouch, jetpack, and special powers. What else can you possibly need?

The main theme song is an earworm that will stick inside your head. It’s a promise.

One to keep an eye on early next year? It'll be available for $9.99 when it launches on 6th January.