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  • US 6th Jan 2022, $9.99
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Welcome to the world of marshmallows who are fighting over golden donuts! Blast, slap and bubble up your opponents, hop, dash and fly away to safety, and take the championship in this fast-paced battle of Warshmallows! One arena, up to four players, one winner. Blow up your friends and avoid getting hit – you can shoot and slap, hop and dash, fly away and maneuver with automatic slow motion. That’s all you need for hours and hours of manic laughter! Play Warshmallows online, local, FFA, 2v2, 1v1, custom lobby, with friends, against bots, or versus players from all around the world to show them who's the boss. ---Online or local multiplayer--- Four-player global online multiplayer, couch-mode with up to 4 players, 2v2 couch/online mode, and online multiplayer with only friends ---Easy to learn, hard to master--- Any player, at any age, can start and enjoy playing, but to master Warshmallows… you’ve gotta put in some serious hours! ---Fast-paced, chaotic fun--- Win five sets and you win a match. One set is up to 30 seconds, or until only one is left standing! Snappy Warshmallows make the arena a busy one. ---Level up--- Gain XP in online matches and level up in the global leaderboard. Complete missions to unlock new gear and maps. ---Amazing soundtrack--- The absolutely wonderful ’80s-’90s themed special soundtrack will make your head bop in a heartbeat.