If you've been looking for an excuse to revisit Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, here it is! Nintendo and Velan Studios have released a brand new update for the real-life kart racer - bumping the title up to Version 2.0.0.

Once you've downloaded the Version 2.0 software update, you'll be able to race up to two karts on a single screen, in the new Split-Screen mode. There are also new characters to select from, and a Relay Race mode - allowing up to four players to participate.

You'll also get even more content to race on - including the Luigi Cup featuring unlockable course customisations and three new courses. These tracks include Windmill Meadows, Music Broadway and King Boo's Courtyard. There's also new in-game kart customisation, Luigi's Poltergust.

Here are the full patch notes for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Version 2.0.0 which also include some general fixes:

Ver. 2.0.0 (Released November 17, 2021)

Additional Features

  • Luigi Cup was added to Grand Prix. Fulfill certain conditions in Luigi Cup to acquire two new Environments and three new Gate Types to use in Course Creation.
  • The POLTERGUST G-00 and SPOOKY HORN have been added to Kart Customization in game. Acquire them by fulfilling certain conditions in Luigi Cup.
  • Relay Race was added to Multiplayer. This is a cooperative mode where up to four players take turns driving one kart, playing as Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, and Mario/Luigi (depending on the kart used) against Bowser Jr., and the Koopalings.
    • Enough controllers to match the number of players is required to play Relay Race.
  • Split Screen was added to Multiplayer. Connect two karts to one Nintendo Switch console, to play together at the same time. The video feed from the karts will be divided onto the screen, allowing two feeds to be displayed at once.
    • Playing Split Screen requires two karts, and two Joy-Con, or Pro controllers.

General Fixes

  • Adjustments made to enhance the play experience of the game.

Have you downloaded this update yet? Notice anything else? Leave a comment down below.

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