If the tagline of this article didn't give it away, The Sundew — a game made by a one-woman developer team — combines the old-school point-and-click stylings of The Curse of Monkey Island with the cyberpunk noir of Blade Runner.

Instead of playing as Rickbrush Threepdeckard, or whatever unholy monster protagonist those two games would create, you'll play as Anna Isobe, a cyborg police officer in Japanese city Shibukawa, who's trying to solve a global conspiracy, which will potentially answer the question of why Japan lies in ruins...

The new trailer above confirms a release date of October 14th for The Sundew, which will come out on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and itch.io. The game is now available to pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop (US / UK) with a 10% launch discount.

Does the "Cyberpunk Monkey Island" pitch fill you with nostalgia and excitement? Are you really into cybernoir? Let us know in the comments!