Update: Just a friendly reminder that the Daemon X Machina Nintendo Switch Online trial begins today. Make sure to give it a go if you haven't played already (full details can be found below).

Original Article (Mon 6th Sep, 2021 10:20 BST): Daemon X Machina was a pretty big deal when it arrived in September 2019, earning some loyal fans and even getting its own themed Hori Split Pad Pro - which, by the way, are extremely good hefty alternatives to Joy-Cons. It may not be one of the biggest selling titles on Switch, but it certainly helped add to the sense of Nintendo's hardware getting varied and interesting releases.

For those of us that didn't jump in, though, there'll be a chance to see how much the game has evolved over the past two years. Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that it'll be the next Nintendo Switch Online game trial from 13th to 19th September, giving plenty of players a chance to try out the full game.

Nintendo of America hasn't confirmed this as yet but we'll keep an eye out for updates, as it seems likely that the regions will match up.

Are you planning to give this a try next week?