Zelda - Spicy Pepper
If you saw a pepper that big, you'd be shocked too.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild players seem to discover exciting new tricks and glitches every other day, even though the game's already been out for more than four years at this point. We've seen Hyrule be sent into chaos, areas where water is turned into lava, and plenty more besides, but today it's the turn of... Spicy Peppers?

Yes, Reddit user tetr4_hc has shared a clip of a newly-discovered trick that lets you gain some mighty air, all thanks to those innocent little peppers. To get started, you'll need to drop some Spicy Peppers onto the ground and use Revali's Gale – as you may well know, this ability creates an updraft that'll send Link (and the peppers) into the air.

From there, you'll need to shoot the peppers with a Fire Arrow, creating another updraft for more height. Shoot again, and you'll get a third boost.

As explained by another Reddit user in the replies, there's something particularly pleasing about the way this trick doesn't make use of any unintentional glitches, and instead seems plausible within the game's world (you know, as long as you accept that being propelled into the air by a fruit is a thing that is possible).

If you want to try this at home and need some Spicy Peppers to get started, they can be found on bushes in the Great Plateau, near the Gerudo Canyon Stable, and in the Tabantha Frontier (thanks, Zelda Wiki).

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