Remember earlier this summer when Playtonic Friends announced A Little Golf Journey for Switch? Well, it may have come a little later than expected, but a solid release date has now been announced for the title – and we don't have long to wait.

The game will be swinging onto the eShop on 14th October, bringing some pleasantly soothing vibes along for the ride. Developed by Okidokico, the game is said to be "all about the journey, not the driver", as players explore different biomes, uncover secrets, and – if the trailer above's anything to go by – enjoy a wonderfully peaceful soundtrack.

"Born from a desire to break away from the hyper-specialisation of AAA game development, A Little Golf Journey took the team at Okidokico on their own journey as they had to master all the disciplines to create their take on Golf whilst creating a relaxing, intriguing narrative with puzzles a plenty and flexibility in play which allows you, the player, to chart your own course through the world."

What do you think? One to keep an eye on next month? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.