Playtonic Friends, a recent entrant into the Indie publishing world that's already making its mark, has confirmed another title that's all set for a Switch eShop release. A Little Golf Journey, developed by Okidokico, is due on the eShop and Steam 'later this Summer'.

As you can see in the trailer above it's going for a laid-back vibe; Charlie Goatly, Co-Founder at Okidokico, is quoted as saying the following in the press release.

With our previous title, OK Golf, we received so much feedback from players about how relaxing they found the experience but we really thought we could take that side of it further and that’s where the core ideas for A Little Golf Journey came from. We’ve removed all those stressful elements of a traditional round of golf and replaced them with beautiful imagery, a soothing soundtrack and a narrative adventure layer for those who want to seek it out. For us, it was all about creating a game we could truly escape into and get away from the pressures of daily life.

It looks rather nice, and we'll certainly keep an eye on it ahead of its release in the coming months. Are you tempted to hit the course in this one?