WarioWare: Get It Together! launches on Nintendo Switch next week, offering fans of Wario's whacky, fast-paced series of utter mayhem a brand new collection of microgames to enjoy.

Of course, one of Get It Together's biggest selling points is its new approach to multiplayer, with two players now able to tackle the hundreds of microgames included together at the same time. To give us a better look at how this works (and how you'll really need to use good teamwork to complete each game), Nintendo Minute has shared a brand new video that dives right into the action. Make sure to check it out above.

Think it looks kind of fun but confusing at the same time? We wouldn't blame you. Thankfully, a free demo of the game is available to download right now from the Switch eShop – we'd recommend giving that a go before buying the full game so that you can see how you get on. Make sure to get a friend involved too if possible!

The game launches on 10th September, so will you be picking it up when it arrives? Let us know in the comments, and keep an eye out for our full review nearer to the big day.