The Switch is the ideal system for multiplayer gaming, and Plunder Panic is an Indie title due in Q1 2022 that may well be the perfect fit. It's the debut game from Will Winn Games Inc., formed by Brian Winn and Will Jeffery with support from the Michigan State University Game Development Program; it arrives on Steam on 17th September ahead of consoles such as Switch next year.

As you can see in the trailer above it's a game with two teams of six, and it promises a range of modes and win conditions to continually shake things up. Check out some details below.

- Pirate Panic — Fast-paced action-arcade gameplay with elements of platforming, combat, and strategic play
- Multiplayer Mode Madness — Supporting local and online play with up to 12-players (including AI), Plunder Panic features several exciting game modes: Free Play, Tournament, Conquest, Ranked and Unranked, and Captain vs. Captain 1v1. Players can invite friends to private lobbies and also go into Matchmaking.
- Claim Victory — Multiple win conditions offer pirate crews different gameplay strategies. Teams can coordinate to either collect enough gold, sink an enemy ship with cannons or a rowboat of TNT, or defeat the enemy captain.
- Modify-arrs — Matches can be customized with up to six modifiers at once which change up the game rules dramatically. Randomized Captains per round? No captains at all? What about all pirates having a pair of never-ending Seagull Wings? Anything and everything can happen!
- Items Galore — Chaotic items that can be wielded by players can drop into a match at any time. From weapons such as the Blunderbuss, Molotov cocktails, and dynamite to stat-boosting rum barrels and enchanted idols; even squid can be used as weapons (the Kraken doesn’t take kindly to this, though).
- Pretty Pixels — A charming retro pixel-art aesthetic by lead artist Andrew Bonczyk (currently with Bungie and formerly Insomniac Games)

It looks like rather good fun to us - do you think you'll give this a whirl when it lands on Switch?