Minecraft Dungeons has been getting regular, massive story updates for a while now — Hidden Depths is the last one, which came out in May and added a bunch of stuff in the Ocean biome — but now the "final chapter" is here.

Echoing Void is, appropriately, set in The End, and wraps up the story of the Arch-Illager with three new missions, new mobs and enemies, new items and weapons, two new skins, and a pet.

A free content update has also launched alongside the Echoing Void DLC, which is available to all players and will add new powerful enchantments (Ambush, Shadow Blast, and Void Strike) as well as a new mission, Gauntlet of Gales, which is a maze of puzzles and trials.

However, there's also a new way to play the Dungeons DLC: The Ultimate Edition, which includes all six DLC packs for a one-off price of $39.99 (£33.49), as well as the Ultimate DLC Bundle for people who already own the game, which will cost $19.99 (£16.74).

Although Echoing Void is the end of the story, it's not the end of updates for Minecraft Dungeons — the Minecraft website assures us that "there's plenty more to come".

Will you be getting in on Minecraft Dungeons now that it's been bundled together? Or are you not won over by Minecraft's RPG take just yet? Let us know in the comments!