Back in 2019, one of the launch games for Apple Arcade — the technology giant's subscription games service — was LEGO Builder's Journey, an extremely pretty little puzzle game that gives us Monument Valley-meets-LEGO vibes. It's the first game from LEGO's internally-developed game development studio, Light Brick, which is based in Denmark. They have not released any new games since... so what have they been making, we wonder?

Well, LEGO Builder's Valley was just quietly added to the Nintendo UK eShop, as well as the Steam catalogue, despite absolutely no announcement — a poster on ResetEra speculates that the page was put up early by accident. With a release date of the 22nd of June, though, it's likely we'll be finding out more about Builder's Journey soon.

Regardless of whether or not we're supposed to know about this, we're pretty intrigued, although £17.99 might be quite an ask for a game that can "easily be beaten in an afternoon", according to TouchArcade's review, and apparently pulls pretty heavily from Monument Valley in both style and mechanics. Still, it's nice to have another LEGO game on the horizon that isn't about superheroes, wizards, or Jedis.

Lego Builder's Journey

Do you think £17.99 is too steep, or are you excited to play LEGO Builder's Journey? Let us know in the comments below.

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