Dragon Quest 2
Image: Square Enix

Sonic wasn't the only video game veteran in the spotlight yesterday. As you might recall, Square Enix held a special 35th Anniversary Livestream for the Dragon Quest series.

One of the standout announcements was the reveal of Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake. Masaaki Hayasaka is the producer of this remake (running on Unreal Engine 4) and has previously worked on games such as Octopath Traveler - which this game obviously looks strikingly similar to.

Following the reveal of the remake, series creator Yuji Horii mentioned how Square Enix was open to more games like this, based on the original Dragon Quest game and the sequel.

"maybe afterwards we may remake [Dragon Quest] 1 and 2...so maybe one and two would be some kind of unexpected surprise"

In a follow-up question, Horii was asked if one and two would also be remade and this was his response:

"We want to, but it's not official yet."

The host of the broadcast responded to this, saying how the team now "had to do it", as a lot of people would be expecting it after these comments. So, there you go - Dragon Quest fans can look forward to possible remakes of the first two entries.

Would you be interested in replaying these classics as HD-2D games? Leave a comment down below.

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