Last night's Dragon Quest presentation showcased a total of six diverse games - including the announcement of Dragon Quest XII (even if it was just a flaming logo). However one of the most tangible surprises was a remake of Dragon Quest III built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4. This joins Octopath Traveler and the upcoming Project Triangle Strategy in the HD-2D series and it looks blooming gorgeous.

While platforms weren't detailed, we would be incredibly surprised if this didn't find its way to Switch, especially given it's the primary home of that HD-2D lineup and Nintendo and Dragon Quest go together like strawberries and cream. However, Switch received ports of the entire Dragon Quest trilogy only two years ago, so is there really a need to remake DQ3 specifically? Yes, yes there is.

While 2019's ports are a 'fine' way to experience one of the most important trilogies in the industry, they don't exactly present them in the best light. These were originally developed for mobile and their origins show. Dragon Quest III was certainly an improvement over the prior mobile games but it still fell victim to ugly, large and overly smooth sprites.

This will likely be the Switch's second version of Dragon Quest III and here's how good it looks compared to what's currently available:

The HD-2D version's looking pretty tasty, right?

For a more in-depth exploration... well, you'll just have to watch the video above, won't you?