Hot on the heels of Atlus and its survey asking about your dream Switch ports, Sega has shared its very own set of questions in a bid to learn more about your gaming habits.

The company has published a survey made up of 20-or-so questions touching upon topics such as your gaming devices, favourite genres, and even anime. It's all pretty straightforward for the most part, but a question near the end invites you to write out any ideas you have on how Sega can "enhance your gaming experiences."

You can fill it in here if you're interested. The survey is hosted on SurveyMonkey, and you must be 18 or over to take part.

It sure seems like an ideal opportunity to get your views across and let Sega know which practices you do or don't like. If you wish, you're also welcome to share your thoughts with the Nintendo Life community in the comments below.

Thanks to Max for the tip!