Monster Hunter Rise

It may well have only launched on Friday, but Monster Hunter Rise is already performing very strongly indeed for Capcom.

The publisher has today announced that its latest title has shipped an impressive four million units in its first three days on sale. It's worth highlighting the fact that 'shipped' and 'sold' aren't the same thing (this 'shipped' figure relates to the number of copies sent to retailers, not the number actually picked up by consumers) but it's a cracking start nonetheless.

Despite the strong opening weekend, Rise hasn't quite matched the launch of Monster Hunter: World back in 2018. World shipped an even stronger five million units in its opening weekend, although that game launched on both PS4 and Xbox One; Rise is only available on Nintendo Switch.

Of course, more Monster Hunter is still headed our way later this year when Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin brings its fresh RPG goodness to Switch in July. The game will feature elements that "can link" with Monster Hunter Rise, and Capcom will no doubt be hoping for even more success when it arrives.

In a press release, the studio says that it "remains firmly committed to satisfying the expectations of all users by leveraging its industry-leading game development capabilities in order to create highly entertaining gameplay experiences". Rise is certainly entertaining, we'll give them that.

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