Happy MAR10 Day
Image: Nintendo

As if last year's 35th-anniversary celebrations weren't enough, it's time once again to celebrate our favourite moustachioed plumber thanks to the timely arrival of MAR10 Day!

Yes, as has become an annual tradition, March 10th is the perfect day to share our favourite memories and general adoration for good old Super Mario himself. Why? Well, because Nintendo says that 'MAR 10' looks a bit like 'Mario' and for some reason, everyone just rolled with it. Why not, eh?

The celebrations actually kicked off early with some very welcome Mario game discounts available on the Switch eShop and at retail in North America. Mario Kart Tour is also getting in on the action with a brand new 'Mario Tour', perfect for anyone wanting to celebrate the day with a special spot of racing. Of course, there's also the ever-looming Mario Doomsday to worry about, so ups and downs...

Super Mario 3d All Stars Switch
It's been a pretty busy 12 months for Mario, what with the 35th-anniversary celebrations and all...

Since last year's MAR10 Day, we've had a whopping five Mario games launch on Switch (technically more than that if you split up the remasters). We had Paper Mario: The Origami King last July, followed by Super Mario 3D All-Stars in September, Super Mario Bros. 35 and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit in October, and then Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury this February. We've also got Mario Golf: Super Rush on the way this summer, which is looking particularly lovely.

Do you think we'll get another couple of Mario game reveals this year? A Super Mario Odyssey 2 perhaps?

So how will you be celebrating Mario's special day? Are you playing a spot of 3D World? Will you play as Mario for a round or two of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this evening? Fire away in the comments.