Mario Tour
Image: Nintendo

It's MAR10 Day, and Nintendo is celebrating in more ways than one. Having previously offered discounts on a select few games, Mario Kart Tour is also getting involved. Following on from the previous Snow Tour, this time we've got the "Mario Tour".

Lasting until March 23rd, it introduces a new Tokyo Blur course – simply namely Tokyo Blur 4 – whilst also adding a new Mario variant, using his racing outfit from Super Mario Odyssey. A new 2-Player Challenge has also been added, letting players team up to earn event tokens in Multiplayer mode.

We're also closing in on the game's 18-month anniversary and, as part of that, Nintendo has outlined a short roadmap of what to expect. A "Yoshi Tour" is next on March 23rd, bringing players an anniversary login bonus, special challenges, and new tour gifts.

There's also a sneak peek for the following event, which is believed to be Wario-related, due to the garlic imagery. That one begins on April 6th, so we'll be waiting a little while for further details.

Mario Kart Tour Roadmap
Image: Nintendo

Will you be jumping back in for these anniversary celebrations? Share your thoughts below.