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The latest Nintendo Download update for Europe has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch Retail eShop - New Releases

Azur Lane: Crosswave (£44.99 / €49.99) - In this high-octane 3D Action Shooter, historical battle ships come to 3D life with the help of the Unreal Engine! Control a fleet of cute, but devastating characters and bring any enemy to their knees! Newcomers and returning fans of Azur Lane can play in 4 game modes, including the 100+ battles of Extreme Battle Mode! Will you be able to sail your fleet to victory, or will you sink into the ocean?

Fallen Legion Revenants (£35.99 / €39.99) - The world is covered in miasma, and the remnants of mankind have taken refuge in a floating castle ruled by a madman. Swap between the charismatic politician Lucien and the vengeful ghost Rowena, and make political manoeuvrings in the castle above as you fight off monsters in the wasteland below.

Switch eShop - New Releases

#1 Crosswords (£3.49 / €3.99) - Are you a fan of crosswords? Do you enjoy spending time solving challenging word puzzles? #1 Crosswords is the game for you! In #1 Crosswords you'll find a story mode with 100 crossword puzzles to solve for all difficulty levels. On top of that you can always play the daily crossword, which is the same for everyone in the world, and as many random crosswords as you want. A game made from crossword fans for crossword fans!

#DRIVE ( PM Studios, 16th Feb, £8.90 / €9.90) - #DRIVE is an endless driving videogame inspired by road and action movies from 1970s. As simple as possible, allowing the player to pick a car, pick the place and just hit the road. Just be aware not to hit anything else. No matter where we drive, no matter what we drive or how fast we drive. We simply chose to drive. And you?

Ace Invaders (Max Interactive Studio, 17th Feb, £4.45 / €4.95) - BACKGROUND As a commander of Galaxy Guardians Space Federation Star-ship. You and your crews were ambushed and captured by the alien battle fleets. With the help of an alien defector, you managed to escape and steal a few enemy space ships. Now you find yourself back in the fight with superior weapons but still heavily outnumbered. The odds are stacked against you but surrendering is not an option this time round! MISSION BRIEFING You start out with a fleet of spaceships. You can select a spaceship by moving your screen pointer with the right Joy-Con™ over it and clicking.

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust (Ratalaika Games, 18th Feb, £15.99 / €15.99) - Anodyne 2: Return to Dust combines the thrilling scale and cinematic storytelling of 3D games with the tight design and easy-to-pick-up satisfaction of 2D action adventures. Explore gorgeous and haunting locales, speak with strangers, and make both friends and memories along the way. Nano Dust infects the islanders of New Theland, distorting their emotions and desires. You play as Nova, a Nano Cleaner tasked with seeking out the sick and shrinking inside their bodies to suction up the Dust. Traverse cities, valleys, and wastelands then shrink into the varied mindscapes of characters, from snowy, aurora-lit valleys to perilous volcanic construction sites with art that re-imagines the 16-bit and 32-bit console eras.

Astrologaster (Plug In Digital, 18th Feb, £8.99 / €9.99) - Play as ‘Doctor’ Simon Forman - unlicensed medical professional and astrologer - and help him win a medical licence. Astrologaster is a narrative-based comedy game. Explore Forman’s life, his work, and his relationships with his clients. Make story choices by performing astrological readings. Choose strategically or make decisions just for fun - but be aware that your choices will have consequences (and unpredictable side effects! ) 13 clients come to see you 5-7 times seeking advice for personal, professional and medical problems. By examining the stars in the sky, you diagnose and determine answers for your clients’ problems. As well as affecting the storyline, these choices will alter your clients’ satisfaction levels. Satisfied clients will write you letters of recommendation, and with enough of these letters you can obtain a medical licence from the University of Cambridge.

Black Jack World Tour (Dolores Ent., 18th Feb, £2.52 / €2.79) - Feel lucky today! Now, you can play BLACKJACK World Tour, your favorite 21 card game - anywhere and anytime. Bet without spending money, and enjoy a unique experience! If you are a fan of casino table games, you will love our black jack. Today, luck is on your side. Develop a good strategy and achieve victory! Become a professional real blackjack 21 blitz player by betting just like in other casino table games without risking your real money!

Boom Blaster (£4.49 / €4.99) - Boom Blaster is an outstanding, brain-blasting, groundshaking, oldschool mega Run ‘n Gun game! A group of space prisoners took their chance to escape. But their road to freedom would not be so easy. Meet all kinds of classic monsters and deadly enemies — from small acid insects to huge one-eyed bosses with guns and bad temper. Each character has a unique set of skills and abilities. Use them with a vast selection of weapons such as machine guns, grenades, lasers, flamethrowers, rockets and much more! All these features are spiced up with memorable chases, epic flights, gunfights and hundreds of ways to amputate tons of monsters limbs!

BRUTAL RAGE (2BAD GAMES, 16th Feb, £6.29 / €6.99) - BRUTAL RAGE is a scrolling beat’em up. Cross the city and beat all enemies on your way. Use your skills and weapons to realize epic combo! When you’re ready use your rage to crush your enemies. Discover the story of cops wrongly accused for a crime they didn’t commit! Embark on a brutal path of blood for retribution. Escape from the prison and prove your innocence. Find out who trapped you! 3 different game modes (Training, Story, Brutal Club)3 playable characters with their own fighting style6 episodes in more than 18 different locations. Use your rage to beat your enemies and bring justice. Use a variety of weapons including bats, knives and guns All game modes can be playable in local co-op

Burger Master (Piotr Skalski, 16th Feb, £4.49 / €4.99) - Burger Master is a fun game where you need to create the best burger joint in town. In order to do that, you must do your best and bring in the best skills you have to fulfill the needs of your clients. This is an intense, fun and exciting game that constantly tests your cooking skills. There are 3 worlds in the game, with 60 different levels in each world. That gives plenty of opportunities to test out your experience and push it to the next level. As you play, you can use one of the 3 power-ups like Customer Happy Time, Coin Magnet and Automatic Hinting.

Cathedral (Elden Pixels, 18th Feb, £12.59 / €13.99) - Wake up in a world with no recollection of how you got there. A world full of secrets, hidden rooms, dungeons and towns; Cathedral features a vast world, meant for exploring! Control a nameless protagonist from a different world and team up with the spirit known as Soul and set out to demolish the demi-god known only as Ardur. An action adventure game ready to challenge you! Just like the days of the past, this is not a game that will hold your hand. Set out adventuring to dungeons where enemies roam every corner and treacherous bosses guard every treasure. A world meant for exploring A massive hand-crafted world filled to the brim with exciting new areas, upgrades, collectibles and many secrets to be found. Use the handy in-game map so you’ll always find your way forward. Just like the good old days Cathedral is an homage to games of the past, built using modern technology. - Read our Cathedral review

Crazy Oce (Funalter Games, 18th Feb, £4.39 / €4.89) - Oce is a drop of dew, that comes from the pronunciation of Hindi dew. Oce went out as usual, but this time it was very strange, the space vortex suddenly appeared, taking Oce to a new space. It ’s weird here, not only has the gravity rules changed, but it is also full of triggers and traps! However, Oce will not sit still but flee from here! Challenge gravity Gravity has changed, standing on some special places will change the gravity, but it also brings advantages to break through. Adapt to the change of gravity, which is the key to escape.

Doom & Destiny Advanced (£8.63 / €9.59) - Venture with the most nerdy anti-heroes of all times, face a crazy adventure, defeat a mad businessman and save the universe, one fetch quest at a time. Embody 20 different heroic spirits, equip gear, master skills and character combinations to fight in turn based combat 700+ different enemies and, while you progress into an over 30 hours main quest, feel free to explore 1000+ locations looking for more than 100 hidden secrets.

Dynos & Ghosts (Pix Arts, 18th Feb, £4.99 / €4.99) - Save the Dynos colony from the deadly ghosts. You drive a nano-robot whose aim is to crunch the ghosts and their power ups, while sparing the dynosaurs. Served by beautiful graphics, sounds and animation, this arcade game introduce a new type of gameplay that will bring you hours of fun!

Escape Route (Piotr Skalski, 15th Feb, £1.79 / €1.99) - Escape Route is an intense and engaging stealth game. Your focus here is to try and reach the destination while trying to avoid detection. It’s not easy to do that, and you must do everything you can in order to maintain your stealth and engage your enemies in combat. There are different weapons you need to deal with, like machine guns, press machines, noise detectors, lasers and so on. You need to use all your skills to figure out exactly how to master every level. You get 25 levels to go through, each one with its own range of unique challenges. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate stealth attacker?

FINALSWORD DefinitiveEdition (HUP Games, 18th Feb, £12.59 / €13.99) - The source of evil, it has brought numerous monster corps. Defeat the source of evil by acquiring various skills and magics through the adventure. You will experience breathtaking battles with real fantasy monsters.

Glam ( Three Legged Egg, 18th Feb, £12.23 / €13.59) - In this game you play as Glam, her goal is to rescue her mother from the realm of Caterina. She is being held captive by the evil witch to prevent Glam’s and her mother’s power to unite Glam has the most unique ability in the video game history She can grab branches and swing by using her hair. Controls are simple: three buttons and a joystick. Master your, swinging and jumping skills on the epic obstacles courses where each death is a lesson. The levels are made with various items and enemies, each level rewards your climbing skills and agility.

My little IceCream Booth (Kistler Benjamin, 18th Feb, £1.94 / €1.95) - Start your own icecream business with your own little icecream booth on a beautiful beach! Sell the delicious icecream and make your customers happy! Serv them delicious icecream in various flavours and various dips, toppings and syrups. Start your ice cream booth now and download the game! My little IceCream Booth is a casual ice cream shop tycoon game where you need to fullfill each customers request by stacking up the requested icecreams with the various ingeredients. Choose between 6 flavours of icecream, 5 toppings, 6 syrups and 6 dippings.

Night Vision (Sabec, 18th Feb, £8.09 / €8.99) - Night Vision let's you see in complete darkness! Night Vision works by using the IR (infra-red) camera built into the right Joy-Con™ (how cool is that! ). See anything in complete darkness upto 0. 5 metres away. White and reflective things show up better and further away, but hey, why not experiment yourself.

Offroad Mini Racing (£4.49 / €4.49) - Drift, slide, skid! Offroad Mini Racing is the isometric 3D perspective car racing game that makes racing funnier than ever. As an experienced racer, you will have to manage driving your car on bumpers and jumps, narrow roads and even ice. Avoid collisions and don't let you be overtaken by the fast computer driven cars. The game is built on the best vehicle physics engine available for real driving sensations and a very effective computer driven cars artificial intelligence system. It features high definition 3D graphics, along with rock musics and realistic Sound FX. If you like car games, this one is different, this one is for you!

PUSS! (£8.63 / €9.59) - In this game, you play as a cat that is trapped in another dimension. Find the way out or stay there forever! - Read our PUSS! review

Qube Qross (Poly Poly Games, 18th Feb, £5.39 / €5.99) - The puzzles can be solved by the hints of numbers in the left and right sides of walls, players need to get where and how many cubes are located, by the intersection of numbers from left and right walls in the same height axis. And use your controller to place all the cubes in the right position to solve a puzzle. In the classic mode, we have 10 stages with different themes, there are 10 levels in each stage, all the puzzles you solve are aww-ing cute voxel models.

Rodent Warriors (JanduSoft, 18th Feb, £4.49 / €4.99) - Rodents! - Mouse - Scout - Capybara - Knight - Porcupine - Barbarian - Beaver - Wizard - Rat - Necromancer - Weasel - Swashbuckler - Every rodent has unique skills which get stronger as you use them - Every rodent hero has a unique back story - Every rodent hero has a unique list of challenges that limit their power Progression! - Power progression mechanic based on reincarnation - Every time a hero is defeated, subsequent heroes will be given power bonuses - By overcoming challenges all future heroes have an even greater potential to be more powerful Quests!

Ski Jump Challenge (£5.39 / €5.99) - Get ready for true winter madness! Presenting Ski Jump Challenge, the game that’s so playable, you’ll never want to stop playing. It’s so easy anybody can play it and so realistic that you can control all the actions of your ski jumper. Create your jumper profile and develop their skills! Level up and improve take-off and landing technique. Compete on close to 90 ski jumping hills (with more coming soon) in career mode, unlock new countries and hills, spend your hard-earned money on fancy ski suits, skis and helmets! Train before every competition, try your skills in all conditions and get ready to compete! Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode! You can feel like you’re watching a real ski jumping competition thanks to detailed graphics, advanced physics system and realistic sounds! Ideal for Winter Olympics!

SNK VS. CAPCOM: THE MATCH OF THE MILLENNIUM (SNK, 17th Feb, £7.19 / €7.99) - SNK and CAPCOM brought their best fighters together for a fighting game extravaganza! It's the dream collab that can fit in your hands! Fearsome fighters from killer series such as KOF, SAMURAI SHODOWN, STREET FIGHTER, and DARKSTALKERS clash fists in an all-out 26-fighter brawl! Choose from either Single, Tag, or Team-based fighting modes! Additionally, there are 3 different battle styles you can choose from! What's a fighting game without Survival, Time Attack, and Mini Games to keep you busy in-between bouts? Collect points and unlock those hidden characters!

Speed Limit (Chorus Worldwide Games, 18th Feb, £9.99 / €9.99) - Speed Limit is a non-stop genre-warping arcade experience that never slows down. No cuts, no lapses in the chaos, Speed Limit is an old-school action extravaganza boiled down to its core elements: Hard. Fast. Addictive. As soon as you think you've learned how the game works, it changes to a completely different genre, taking you through the history of the golden arcade era. Fight through a nail-biting side-scrolling shooter, race to the finish in an explosive top-down car chase, take flight in a thrilling fake-3D dogfight, and expect the unexpected. Speed Limit seamlessly changes styles, transforms the gameplay, and offers new challenges the moment you feel comfortable.

Thomas Was Alone (£7.99 / €7.99) - Thomas Was Alone is the award winning, critically acclaimed platformer about friendship and jumping and floating and anti-gravity. Guide a group of sentient rectangles through a series of obstacles, combining their skills to reach the end of each level. Discover the story of the world’s first sentient AIs, and how they worked together to, well not escape… “escape” is a strong word. Perhaps “emerge” might be better. “Emerge” has an air of importance about it, while keeping the various plot twists and origin stories you’ll discover under wraps. We didn’t even mention the bouncing. That would be overkill. Listen to reactive and atmospheric music originally composed by David Housden.

Void Gore (eastasiasoft, 17th Feb, £3.59 / €3.99) - From the creators of Project Starship comes a new and nightmarish arcade shoot’em up experience. Void Gore casts you as an ace pilot descending through the levels of hell and getting rich in the process. Earn coins as you take down supernatural horrors in pulse-pounding vertical scrolling style, then spend them on upgrades to keep yourself alive and prove your skills against online leaderboards! Survive waves of enemies to reach the next layer of malice and despair, collect power-ups, face increasingly challenging foes and add to your score multiplier as you chain multiple kills. Survive as long as possible and prove your skills as the ultimate pilot. It’s all just a simulation, after all… or is it?

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