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Action, Adventure, Platformer
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  • 18th Feb 2021, $19.99
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About The Game

Glam has the most unique ability in the video game history She can grab branches and swing by using her hair. Controls are simple: three buttons and a Stick. Master your, swinging and jumping skills on the epic obstacles courses where each death is a lesson.

In this game you play as Glam, her goal is to rescue her mother from the realm of Caterina. She is being held captive by the evil witch to prevent Glam’s and her mother’s power to unite.

The levels are made with various items and enemies, each level rewards your climbing skills and agility. The levels are packed into 11 chapters, each chapter has its own unique peril: hanging cubes, goblins and skulls, sliding and spinning platforms, false floors, cannons, crates.

Teamwork is crucial in local co-op mode, where you will have to work together to reach the portals to unlock the next level. 60 challenging levels are waiting for two of you to explore.


Hand crafted obstacle courses to test the limits of your acrobatic skills

Tight, precise and simple controls: just three buttons and the Stick

220+ Single player levels, split into 11 chapters each has its own unique peril

60 multiplayer levels that demands endurance, flexibility and excepcional precise coordination of your movement

Customizable character hero: Glam

Charming music