Tiny N64
Image: GmanModz

The N64 is a chunky monkey, of that there is little doubt. Compared to the sleek lines of its biggest rival, the Sony PlayStation, it looks positively bulky – which is perhaps why so many attempts have been made over the years to create portable versions of the legendary console which are a little less cumbersome.

The latest of these efforts, crafted by GmanModz, has to rank as the smallest yet seen. Yes, there are tiny machines that can emulate the N64 perfectly, but this creation actually contains real N64 hardware and can play physical cartridges. You might remember GmanModz from one of his previous creations, the N64 SP.

Of course, the iconic control layout has had to be sacrificed, but the revised interface – which replaces the C-button cluster with a stick taken from a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con – looks decent enough (although we'd hate to play Killer Instinct Gold with that setup, we have to admit). The "Z" and "R" buttons are found on the top edge of the system, but the "L" button is mapped to the left stick (also taken from a Joy-Con) and you have to click it down to access it.

[source comicbook.com]