Portable N64 mods – where the console's internals are placed in a handheld shell complete with an LCD screen and battery so you can play Super Mario 64 on the road – have been around for years, but this latest effort has to rank as one of the most impressive yet.

GmanModz has taken the guts of the N64 and placed them in a 3D-printed case not that much larger than a Game Boy Advance SP, creating what must surely qualify as the most pocket-friendly N64 mod yet.

The mod is possible thanks to recent discoveries in the modding community surrounding the N64's interface controller board, the location of which has traditionally forced mods to be larger than they should be. With the board safely relocated and rewired, GmanModz has been able to decrease the footprint of the system and fit it into a much smaller clamshell case – yet you can still use your original cartridges. And because this uses the original hardware and not emulation, it has 100% compatibility with the entire N64 library.

It's a really cool mod – and while we can't see Nintendo taking the same approach, it does make us wonder exactly when we're going to get that elusive N64 Classic Edition.