Psyonix has brought us many strange crossovers within Rocket League these past five years – sometimes quite literally – but an extreme sports organisation wouldn't be the first thing that comes to mind. Having worked with the Summer X Games back in 2017, that collaboration is set to continue and a new tie-in event has just been announced for the Winter X Games in Aspen.

As part of the Rocket League Championship Series: Season X, Psyonix's eSports league will now include the RLCS X Games: North American Regional, taking place on January 23-24 and January 30-31. Viewable via YouTube and Twitch, anyone who tunes in can also earn some X Games fan rewards, including new cosmetics.

Within Rocket League's item shop, that'll feature some new cosmetics based around the X Games, too. Available from both January 21-24 and January 28-31, this includes new toppers, decals and wheels, alongside two free items: the X-Skis Player Banner and the X-Board Player Banner.

Considering they also previously partnered with WWE back in 2018, these licensed sports tie-ins aren't entirely unexpected. Compared to Rocket League's Ghostbusters or Fortnite events though, it's a peculiar one, but at the very least, the NA Regional should make for an interesting watch.

Will you be tuning in to see the North American regional? Are you still playing Rocket League? As usual, let us know below.

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